Walking into South African native Dylan Lewis’ sculpture garden is like stepping into another world.

Situated on the slopes of the Stellenbosch mountain range, some seven-hectares of land has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of childlike wonder and amazement in guests as they stroll through the artist’s magical garden.

The project began eight years ago when Lewis hired an excavator and started shaping and sculpting the hills and contours of the estate. In time, this carefully curated space would later become a magnificent outdoor display, a sculpture garden.

Renowned for his world-famous animal sculptures, Lewis explores themes of nature and wildlife while also transitioning into the exploration of human figures and the relationship between man and nature.

Over 60 sculptures have been carefully placed in the garden. The placement of the cultures fits in harmony with the surrounding landscape, gracefully telling the story of Lewis’ artistic journey, from his iconic cats and human forms to beautiful female figures and masculine shamanic forms.

Flora and fauna of the garden have also been meticulously considered, seeing each and every plant species handpicked and planted to create colour all-year round.

A four-kilometre pathway leads guests through the culture garden, offering magical views of the expansive landscapes, fresh smells of the lush vegetation and peaceful sounds of an array of different birds taking shelter in the surrounding trees. When roaming through the garden, there is a sense of spirituality in nature; as the garden curves and flattens, there are sudden bursts of colours contrasted by calm blue bodies of water.

Inspired by the author, poet, psychologist and wilderness guide, Ian McCullum, Lewis’ famous body of work, Untamed, explores the wild nature of the human psyche. Comprised of sculptures of predominantly human form, each bearing animal masks, claws, beaks and wings, Untamed explores the poetry between human and nature.

The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden is located in a private cul-de-sac in Paradyskloof, a 10-minute drive from Stellenbosch, less than hour’s drive from Cape Town.

Visits and tours to the Sculpture Garden are by appointment only. Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden Tours can easily be combined with one of the Cape Winelands Tours, such as

Delight in an immersive artistic experience at the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden and enjoy delicious cuisine and wine along the way. Contact either African Travel Canvas or the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden directly to plan a bespoke day tour.

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