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Founded with the purpose of delivering bespoke, personally curated tours and safari packages to groups and individuals, African Travel Canvas helps travellers see new lands, make new memories and tick off items on bucket lists, all the while exploring the beautiful countries within Southern Africa.

Our Story

African Travel Canvas, founded by Gillian Cox, is a female-led, family-run tour operator with years of experience in the luxury travel and business tourism industry.

Gillian Cox

Founder and CEO

“I began African Travel Canvas with the mission of delivering incredible travel experiences within Southern Africa. I offer a tour and travel itinerary planning service that has heart, a human touch and a friendly face at its core.

With one-on-one communication and a direct connection between myself and my customer, my team and I create bespoke, highly-personalised and truly memorable travel plans for those wishing to explore this beautiful continent that I am blessed to call home.”

What We Do

Expertly skilled in creating unique and tailor-made travel experiences, African Travel Canvas helps travellers curate their dream vacation in Southern Africa. As one of the leading, best tour operators in South Africa, we specialise in sight-seeing tours, fully inclusive individual and group tours, self-drive tours, safaris, overland excursions and special experiences.

African Travel Canvas delivers the highest level of service through luxury accommodation, safe modes of transport and more. In seeking adventure, exploration, education or relaxation, experience all the wonderful, magical and amazing things that Southern Africa has to offer with African Travel Canvas.

Work With Us

We’re always looking to work and collaborate with fresh talent to keep innovating, evolving and creating memorable experiences for our customers and audiences. If you’d like to work with African Travel Canvas in some way, contact us and we’ll get back to you!

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