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Perfect for foodies, wine lovers or anyone with a palate for the divine, the Cape Winelands tour travels to three of the most popular and well-known wine making regions: Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. Offering its guests incredible views, delectable food, unforgettable memories and of course, delicious wines, the Cape Winelands Tour includes wine tasting experiences in each of the regions, a cellar tour, as well as a guided walking tour of the historic university town of Stellenbosch. This tour can be tailored to include specially requested farms and nearby experiences.

Tour Highlights

  • Stellenbosch
  • Franschhoek
  • Paarl
  • Wine tastings and pairings
  • Historic walking tour
  • Guided cellar tour

Detailed Itinerary


As the second oldest town in South Africa, Stellenbosch is filled with culture and a history of storytelling. Embark on a short guided walking tour of the historical town to learn the tales of Dutch settlers at the Cape. After the tour, enjoy a wine tasting experience at a nearby wine farm.


Named “The French Corner” by the region’s first inhabitants the French Huguenots, Franschhoek is one of the most magical areas in the Western Cape. As well as world-class restaurants, lovely boutique stores on the high street and a collection of the best wine farms around, Franschhoek is absolutely enchanting as it offers a contemporary French feel at the edge of Africa. Enjoy a wine tasting experience at a popular wine farm.


Another region filled with a deep history of the Dutch settlers, the Paarl Valley offers beautiful views of rolling hills set to mountainous backdrops, and a plethora of thriving wine farms. Here, enjoy a wine tasting of famous wines as well as a guided cellar tour to unpack the winemaking process.

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