In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find peace and solace within the hustle and grind. One of the best remedies for life’s many stresses is a regular practice of the ancient movement form of yoga.

With incredible body, mind and soul benefits that are guaranteed to calm nerves, decrease stress and increase overall wellness, yoga is more than a simply holding a series of physical poses for the sake of exercise, but also a practice of mindfulness and meditation, and a mental challenge too.

While there are plenty of amazing yoga studios in Cape Town that offer various classes, we’ve rounded up a collection of quirky, unique and out of the ordinary yoga experiences that’ll add a special twist to a standard practice.

Note: These yoga experiences may be weather dependent.

1. Yoga on Table Mountain

Enjoy an incredible Yoga Wellness and Meditation Experience at the top of one of the world’s most beautiful landmarks, Table Mountain. After taking the first cable car of the day to the top of Table Mountain, yogis can enjoy soaking up natures calming vibes while doing sun salutations in this gorgeous setting.

Facilitated by Cape Town Yoga Experiences, a morning yoga session on Table Mountain is an amazing way to appreciate Cape Town’s natural beauty in the quiet of the morning.

What to expect:

  • A private 60-minute yoga and meditation session with a trained yoga instructor.
  • Refreshments such as coffee, muffins and snacks offered at the end of the session.
  • With the return cableway car ticket, guests can leave Table Mountain at a time of their own choosing, leaving them to spend the day on the mountain if they wish.

Important information:

  • Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat. Also, if of interest, bring a pair of hiking/training shoes with you, in-case you decide to take a walk and explore the top of the mountain by foot.
    Each session can host a maximum of 8 participants.
  • Find out more information about this amazing Yoga Wellness and Meditation Experience.


2. Sunset Yoga on Clifton 3rd Beach

From soaking up the natural beauty of the ocean to inhaling the fresh, salty sea air, a perfect way to end the day is with a sunset yoga session on one of Cape Town’s many beautiful beaches.

Offered on Sundays in the warmer months from November to April, yogis can enjoy a 60-minute Vinyasa flow session, hosted by Om Revolution, as the sun sets at Cape Town’s Clifton 3rd beach.

What to expect:

  • A 60-minute Vinyasa flow class with a qualified yoga instructor from Om Revolution.
  • Learn the basics of coordinating movement with breath to flow from one yoga pose to the next.
  • Beginner and first time yogi’s are welcome.

Important Information:

  • If you don’t have a mat, a beach towel will suffice.
  • The class starts at 6:15 pm but it’s best to arrive 15-minutes earlier for registration.
  • For more information contact The Om Revolution.


3. Yoga with Goats at Fairview

Animal therapy meets exercise in this one of a kind yoga experience. Fairview, a wine farm located in Paarl just outside of Cape Town, introduces Africa’s first goat yoga experience. Led by Raine Dunn of Body Poetry, the Goat Yoga class at Fairview sees a simple and natural yoga session become an interactive and engaging experience with baby goats.

The goats are free to roam wherever they please, so don’t be surprised if a goat tries to climb onto your back during your child’s pose.

What to expect :

  • Enjoy a 1-hour Goat Yoga session followed by a delicious breakfast at the Goatshed consisting of homemade granola, Fairview yoghurt, seasonal fruit and honey with a choice of hot beverage.
  • The goats are free to roam wherever they want, so expect the class to be a little out of the ordinary.

Important information:

  • Spaces are limited to 30 people per class, so bookings are essential.
  • Mats are available to rent for the hour-long session.
  • For more information contact Fairview.


4. Beer and Wine Yoga

The phenomenon that is taking over the world has arrived in Cape Town. A yoga class concept that began in Germany, Beer Yoga integrates yoga poses with beer drinking, taking the philosophies of yoga and pairing it with the pleasure of beer drinking.

Beer Yoga at Beer House

Hosted in conjunction with Evolve Yoga and Beer House, a popular contemporary beer hall located in Long Street, the first ever Beer Yoga event took place on the 19th of May 2018. Although there isn’t any news of a follow up Beer Yoga session, we hope that the initiative will continue.


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Image: Cape Town Yoga Experiences

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