Have you been dreaming of extraordinary wildlife, mesmerising sunsets and vast open lands? Well, then you’re in luck as your next bucket list adventure awaits you, and it starts with several exclusive family safaris in Africa.

Embarking on a family trip to Africa means unlocking a richly authentic experience. With luxurious safari lodges, adrenaline-pumping off-road 4×4 trails and awe-inspiring safaris on offer, you can finally embrace the African bush in unforgettable ways.

So, bookmark this blog, take out a notepad and grab the kids, because we’re helping you figure out all you need to know about family safaris in Africa.

Your Africa family vacation starts now!

Destinations for a family safari in Africa

The first question people have when planning a family trip to Africa is: where should we go for an authentic safari experience? It’s a valid question, especially since there are many family safaris in Africa for you to choose from.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that each African country truly brings a unique take on family safari experiences. These regions introduce their own spectacular landscapes, dramatic wildlife interactions and seasonal changes that will delight you. 

Not sure where to begin planning your dream safari destination? We’ve already done the work for you.

Here are our top picks:


Tanzania truly is one of the most incredible locations for a family trip to Africa as its beautiful open lands caters to all budgets. Whether you’re looking for affordability or a luxury getaway, Tanzania is built around the belief that no budget should ever keep individuals from experiencing an authentic African Safari adventure.

Our top picks:

Serengeti National Park

Home to several indigenous plants, colourful bird species and vibrant animal life, the Serengeti is where you’ll find your true African safari bliss. This is also where your family will get to witness the goosebump-inducing Great Wildebeest Migration; an annual migration of thousands of wildebeest and antelope across the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. This is truly is a bucket-list experience.  

Wildebeest herd running across the Masai Mara in Kenya
Witness the Great Migration

Ngorongoro Crater

Known as the world’s largest volcanic crater, visitors are often surprised to see an abundance of animal life located near the crater. This location allows you to dwell amongst some of nature’s most exotic animals as well as a few endangered species too. And with the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background, it doesn’t get much better than this. One of our favourite lodges, andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, overlooks and offeres guided drives into the crater itself.  


Kenya is the land of plenty as this country showcases some of the most magnificent examples of natural beauty. And with a number of wildlife exploring its plains, it’s easy to see why Kenya has some of the most accessible game drive experiences on the continent! 

Our top picks:

Masai Mara National Reserve

As the country’s most visited reserve, the Masai Mara is another location where you can witness the Great Wildebeest Migration. The Masai Mara is the herd’s final destination, so planning a trip to this region of Kenya guarantees a spectacle. 

Amboseli National Park

Should your Africa family vacation take you to Nairobi, then you will find yourselves on the cusp of a photographer’s paradise in Amboseli National Park, with photo-ready landscapes and friendly animals wandering around.


Botswana continues to rank as one of the most beautiful wilderness locations in the world, and it’s for a good reason too. Not only is this country adored for its all-year-round safaris and impeccable birdlife, but it’s a lesser-known safari location which means that you get to enjoy the wonders of nature and wildlife without the crowds.

Our top picks:

Chobe National Park

If any of your family members are into bird watching, this is where you’ll want to take them. The Chobe National Park also has one of the highest concentrations of elephant sightings too. 

kingfisher eagle in the Chobe River in Chobe National Park
A gorgeous shot of an African fish eagle on the Chobe River

Okavango Delta

One of the only two naturally-occuring deltas on the planet, the Okavango Delta brings travellers from all corners of the globe. Teaming with wildlife, land, water and air species call this precious gem home. What we love about the Okavango Delta is that it can be enjoyed year-round. Your family will thoroughly enjoy being able to spot the various animals whilst basking in blissful isolation as the usual tourist masses aren’t there!

South Africa

When it comes to exploring South Africa’s safaris and family-friendly tours, we could dedicate an entire blog to its wonders. Here’s all you need to know: South Africa definitely knows how to do a proper safari. 

Our top picks:

Kruger National Park

Here’s a fun challenge, speak to any South African and see how long it takes them to mention the Kruger National Park. Our guess is that it isn’t very long until they brag about their latest trip to the bush and their sightings of the Big Five that are known to wander through the park. But their bragging comes with merit as the Kruger Park is where you go to witness wildlife extraordinaire.

Children on safari in the Kruger National Park
Read more about the best family-friendly lodges in South Africa

Cape Town

If you find yourself in Cape Town, and you’re unable to gt to the Kruger, you can still enjoy a bit of the safari experience with a one-day safari at Inverdoorn. Perfect for those who don’t have enough time to head to the bush, a one-day safari just a few hours outside Cape Town is a great alternative. At Inverdoorn Game Reserve, you can enjoy a guided game drive through the park to view various wildlife, a trip to a cheetah sanctuary and a spot of lunch in a beautiful setting. 

The Ultimate Packing List for Family Safaris in Africa

When it comes to creating your ideal family packing list, we’re already one step ahead of you. Here are your suitcase essentials:

  • A wide-brimmed hat

Sun protection, especially during the summer months, is important. Be sure to bring a wide-brimmed hat with you. If you know you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors; hiking, on game drives, sightseeing on foot; we recommend a wide-brimmed hat with a protective flap to cover your neck as well.  

  • Sunscreen

Protect your skin by purchasing sunscreen with a high SPF. Opt for a sun protection factor that is between 20 and 50. 

  • Sunglasses

UV-ray protection sunglasses are an absolute must. Not only are they a vital safari accessory but will help shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare.

  • Your camera, memory cards and charger

You will definitely want to take photos of your family’s visit to Africa, so make sure that you have all of your equipment ready! Whether you’re travelling with a DSLR or a smaller, compact travel camera, make sure you pack your chargers and bring plenty of memory cards.

Please read our guide for wildlife photography for beginners.

  • Binoculars

Before you can snap a photo of the animals, you may want to be able to spot them first. A great pair of lightweight binoculars are therefore an absolute must-have.

  • A lightweight flashlight

Your flashlight is essential for the evenings, especially late night walks and evening game drives!

  • A medical kit

Packing a medical kit is an absolute no-brainer. Just make sure to include chronic medication, vitamins, insect repellent, lip balm and other essentials!

  • Plug adaptor/convertor

Visiting another country means using different electricals and plug sockets, so you will need to purchase a few adaptors/converters beforehand.

  • Hiking shoes

You may do some strenuous walking through fields and trails during a safari, so opt for hiking shoes with comfortable soles and good traction.

  • A good sense of humour, a little patience and common sense

Thankfully all of these are free and won’t take up any luggage space!

Ending thoughts

Every African family vacation needs an eventful and adventurous safari. Embarking on this journey will prove that beyond the continent’s spectacular wildlife displays and jaw-dropping landscapes, it’s a land that has a rich cultural heritage that promises to inspire and move you for years to come. 

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