With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start considering buying gifts for your family and friends. While making your Christmas shopping list, you’ll probably need to add some gifts for travel lovers (even if they aren’t doing too much travel right now). 

Whether they’re looking forward to enjoying a weekend road trip or planning an epic African adventure, choosing the perfect gifts for travellers can be challenging. 

Here’s our top list of gifts for friends going travelling soon, or just for any lover of travel and adventure! To help narrow it down, we’ve separated them into different categories of travellers.

In this post, you’ll find our top recommendations for:

  • Couples
  • Individuals 
  • Business travellers 
  • Seasoned travellers who already have standard travel gear

Whether you’re shopping for the hoildays or for someone’s birthday, we hope our recommendations make the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life! 

Travel gifts for couples 

We all have a couple in our friend circle that is constantly planning their next adventure. There are a few great small travel gift ideas that they’ll love! 

Something like this matching set of wooden luggage tags would be great for the travelling couple in your life. Personalised luggage tags are a smart idea, as they aren’t too flashy and won’t detract from the rest of their luggage sets. This is also a great idea for a couple that has recently tied the knot! 

Another great idea for gifts for couples who travel is something that inspires them to plan their next adventure. A couples adventure fund bank is a friendly reminder for them to put some extra cash away for a big holiday. The great thing about this gift is that it can be used for getaways of any size, whether it’s a month-long journey or a simple weekend getaway. 

One of the most memorable gifts for couples who travel is a personalised travel map or a scratch-off version. This beautiful map allows your friends to scratch off every place they visit, making for a memorable and decorative gift. It’s one of the most popular gifts for travel lovers around the world! 

If your friends are more likely to go on shorter weekend trips (or even just love a fancy hike), why not consider something like a compact cheese board set? Did someone say gourmet on the go? 

It comes with a lot of useful tools for easy picnicking, such as a corkscrew, cheese board with built-in drawers for extra storage, removable ceramic plates and bowls, as well as cutlery to use. The only things missing are aged cheese and a big bottle of wine! 

To avoid breaking any wine glasses or falling over, pair the cheese board with a wine glass and bottle holderThese amazing contractions will secure bottles and glasses, preventing any nasty spills or accidents. 

Gifts for friends going travelling

If you have friends who are digital nomads, remote workers or who just love to travel, here are some ideas for gifts that they’ll love. 

If you’re looking for easy gift ideas, why not consider something like a set of destination prints? These retro-looking posters would look great framed on anyone’s bedroom wall! 

Small travel gifts are also great – such as this set of matching travel keyrings that can be given to close friends, travel buddies or even a couple who travel. 

You could also purchase items and accessories that’ll make traveling easier. Storage and organisation are always tricky to figure out when travelling, so giving helpful gifts to travel lovers will certainly be appreciated. 

Skincare is all the rage, but travelling with various skincare products can be difficult. The Elemis travel essentials set is a great way to look after your friend’s skincare routine while they’re on a travel adventure. 

If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, the EFYTAL sterling silver compass necklace is a pretty necklace that any jewellery-loving traveller would enjoy wearing. 

For those who love taking makeup with them wherever they go, the lay-n-go drawstring makeup bag makes for a fabulous gift. A brilliant space saver and organiser, its unique design allows you to store essentials on the base layer, and the external drawstring makes makeup storage compact and uncluttered when on the go. 

Gifts for business travellers 

Perhaps your friends or family members often need to travel for business. Frequent travellers may not want unique travel gifts and are instead looking for practicality.

set of 4 packing cubes is a great idea. It’s efficient and can help save a lot of space in any suitcase. 

How about gifts for the flight? Business travelles are often taking long-haul flights, flying extremely frequently. For this, something like the sleepy ride footrest can help them relax during a long flight. 

Similarly, Dot & Dot’s memory foam neck pillow is perfect for resting during commutes in planes, cars, trains or buses.

If your friend is a technophile or often uses electronic gadgets in their line of work, consider the Bagsmart electronic organiser. It can store multiple cables, earphones, pens, adapters, batteries, power banks and more. A gift like this can help travellers stay more organised during their many business trips.

If your friend is conscious of keeping their devices safe, this Kensington combination cable lock is made for laptops and other devices. This is gret for digital nomads or those working remotely as they can protect their dear at all times. It will ensure that your devices are untouched while travelling, wherever the destination may be.

Unique travel gifts 

If you’re buying a gift for a seasoned travel lover, perhaps they already own similar products. If this is the case, then you’re going to need to get a little bit more creative than a packing cube!

For pet-crazy friends, something like a dog travel bag (also suitable for cats) is a great idea. Not only is this gift humorous, but it’s practical for any travel with pets. It comes complete with storage pouches, a first-aid kit and an elevated stand for food and water bowls. 

If you’re after small travel gifts that are also unique gifts for travellers, something like this round wooden puzzle with a travel motif is perfect. It’s a relaxing activity that can remind your friends of their travels at the same time. 

Perhaps personalised travel gifts are something you’d like to consider. An initial makeup bag is excellent if you’re looking for small, unique travel gifts. It would also make for a great stocking filler! 

Sticking with the theme of personalised travel gifts, something like the PixMug and BagTag set is terrific for highlighting a special memory that you share with your friends or family. You can insert your own photos, or also complete this step online.

luggage handle grip is fantastic for adding a bit of flair to otherwise ordinary luggage. It can also make carrying or moving luggage more comfortable. 

Time to get shopping!

Choosing great gifts for travel lovers will undoubtedly depend on what kind of traveller they are! 

Whether you’re after travel gifts for couples, unique or small travel gifts, presents for business travellers or gifts for someone going travelling, there’s a whole world of options out there that can make travelling more memorable. 

Regardless of the gift you choose for your travel-loving friends or family members, we hope you’ve been inspired by some of our unique gift ideas! 

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