Heading out for a beachside holiday is easily one of the most exciting, relaxing and fun-filled adventures on earth. Before you can begin daydreaming about sun-kissed skin, beach sand between your toes and swimming in crystal blue waters, you have to figure out what to pack for a beach holiday first. 

Whether you’re a ‘toss it in a bag’ kind of packer or more of a ‘holiday checklist’ lover, we’ve crafted the ultimate beach packing guide just for you.

What to Pack for a Beach Holiday

Congratulations, you’ve most likely already ticked off quite a few things from your pre-holiday task list. You’ve booked your accommodation, secured your travel plans and now you’re ready for the next task: packing. 

Admittedly, it’s easy to get caught up in the pre-getaway excitement, but it’s those holiday jitters that result in you unpacking your bag only to discover that you forgot your toothbrush and sunscreen.

All you have to do is perfect this one packing rule: nail down the essentials. 

Beach loungers and sea sand at North Island on the Seychelles
Relax on a private beach in the Seychelles

First Aid Kits and Medication

If you’re a cautious traveller, we suggest packing a first aid kit into your suitcase. Make sure to stock up on all your prescribed medication, allergy pills, antihistamines, contact lenses and solution, and any additional supplements you may need while you’re travelling.  

Skin Care Products

Bronze skin, salt water and the gentle ocean breeze are the three magical ingredients for the perfect oceanside vacation. If you’re planning on spending hours lazing on the shore, it’s important to take care of your skin.

  • Bring a good quality sunscreen. High SPF sunscreens that are also waterproof are an absolute must. 
  • Make sure you look after your face too, by using facial sunscreen. Our top recommendation is Heliocare
  • Also, we suggest packing after-sun lotion to help keep your skin hydrated and refreshed after a day in the sun. 

Hats and Caps

We thoroughly suggest you invest in a good sun protection hat or cap. Whether you’re lazing on the beach, going for a hike or enjoying a boat ride or sunset cruise, a good hat will become your staple item during your trip.

We suggest opting for a hat with a wider brim as it’ll give you the most sun protection. Here are a few top choices:

When purchasing a hat or cap, we suggest purchasing one in a lighter shade as it’ll reflect the sun.

Couple sailing up to picnic on private island in Mozambiuqe
Enjoy a private beach picnic in Mozambique


One item we can’t go on vacation without is a good pair of sunglasses. Make sure that you have UV-Ray protective sunglasses on your beach vacation packing list! 

It’s important that you add this accessory to your luggage as these lenses will help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and the intense glare that you will experience when you’re lounging on the white beach sand. 

Swim Wear

When choosing your swimwear, make your selection as versatile as possible, so you can easily go from beach lounging to sightseeing. 

  • For the ladies, you’ll want a costume that you can throw a coverup on top of before heading to town. 
  • For the men, we suggest purchasing spunky board shorts that you can put a shirt over, and you’re good to go! 

You’ll want to be able to move from one location to the next without needing to head back to your room to change. Also, remember to pick swimwear materials that are quick drying so that you aren’t still dripping long after your quick splash amongst the waves. 


You have to capture every moment of your beach getaway, both on land and in the sea. 

When it comes to deciding what to pack for a beach holiday, make sure that a GoPro camera is high up on that list. While your smart phone’s camera will certainly get the job done, the GoPro camera is a great investment, especially for outdoor adventures and beach vacations. It can withstand some sand, it is entirely waterproof (meaning you can take photos underwater), and it can handle a bumpy travel journey too. This makes it one of the best travel companions yet!

Capturing every single island activity that you embark on has never been easier or more fun!

Couple walking to private picnic on North Point Beach Mozambique


Beach life may embrace a more barefoot beauty aesthetic, but there will come a time and place where you will need a few different shoe types. 

You will need a good sturdy pair of sandals that can withstand you wearing them for the majority of your trip. They should also be able to handle hot beach sand and some water too. 

Simple flip flops or thongs are always great to have, and a pair of Havaianas is a suitcase staple. If you’re looking for something more sturdy, these secure walking sandals for him and her are good options. Also, these unisex Birkenstocks are great for walking around too. 

Believe it or not, but closed shoes also need to be on your beach packing list as well. You are definitely going to need them for those island experiences that you have planned out, like your horseback riding safari (add this to your bucket list now if you haven’t already). They will also come in handy for many of the awesome adrenaline-pumping beach tours

Handbags and Day Packs 

When choosing the right bag, you’ll want to opt for a lightweight, waterproof bag that comes with a zipper and a few interior compartments.

We love this waterproof tote bag; it definitely needs to be on your beach vacation packing list! This bag will help keep your beachside essentials dry and sand-free, meaning you can kick back and relax without the stress of damaging your belongings. 

Also,be sure to pack a good day bag for your day-to-day sightseeing. We love this minimalistic-looking backpack

Ending Thoughts

From beach basics to holiday necessities and a few extras, we hope that this quick and easy beach packing guide helps you figure out what to pack for a luxury beach holiday so that you can finally have the peaceful, relaxing and stress-free break that you deserve.

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