Cape Town Political and Medical History Tour

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A perfect tour for those who have a flair for discovering both political and historical tales, particularly those that present breakthroughs in medical science. Together with an informative guided tour of the prestigious Houses of Parliament and the beautifully designed Library of Parliament, the Cape Town Political and Medical History Tour includes a guided tour of Groote Schuur Hospital and the Transplant Museum.

Tour Highlights

  • Houses of Parliament
  • Library of Parliament
  • Groote Schuur Hospital
  • Transplant Museum

Detailed Itinerary

Houses of Parliament

Even though Cape Town is not home to South Africa’s government, it is still home to the Houses of Parliament. Situated at the uppermost corner of Company Gardens, enjoy a tour of the historical site as well as the Library of Parliament.

Groote Schuur Hospital

Next, travel to Groote Schuur Hospital and enjoy a tour of both the hospital as well as the Transplant Museum where the guide will detail the story of Christian Barnard and the world’s first successful heart transplant.

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