Immortalized by the famous wildlife documentary, Brothers in Blood: The Lions of the Sabi Sand, the Mapogo lion coalition is a notorious band of brothers that went on a vicious quest to dominate and rule the Sabi Sands region in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The coalition became infamous for their sheer power and strength in taking over and controlling an area of approximately 70,000 hectares.

The coalition of 6 male lions first appeared in March 2006, when they claimed territory of their own by force. Usually, lions are quiet when entering a new area, but the Mapogo clan moved in with great dominance and power, roaring loudly and killing the males from the area with ease.

For rangers and trackers, the idea of a 6 member coalition was extremely rare, and in the years to come, they witnessed the most relentless reign for power and dominance known to the lion population.

The lion coalition was allegedly named after a South African security company, Mapogo A Mathamaga Security. No longer in operation, the Mapogo A Mathamaga was known for its intense and often brutal forms of dealing with criminals.

Names of the Mapogo Lions

The six lions of the Mapogo Coalition were named:

  • Makulu (the leader),
  • Dreadlocks,
  • Prettyboy,
  • Rasta,
  • Kinky Tail, and,
  • Mr. T, who was notorious for his extreme brutality.

During their rule, the Mapogo coalition wiped out countless prides. Together, they killed over 100 lions that posed a threat to them, including females and cubs.

Brutalists, they took over whole territories with unprecedented aggression, and challengers were often eaten during acts of defiance.

The coalition of six shifted the entire ecosystem in the Sabi Sands area, dominating and controlling an area that was once ruled by eight other prides.

The Mapogo coalition’s ability to control and protect such an expansive area of land was unprecedented in the lion population. They will forever be remembered for the legendary force.

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