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Boasting its own special blend of beauty, the Kalahari Desert stretches some 900,000 kilometre² over Southern Africa. Spanning three countries, the Kalahari dominates Botswana, occupies the east of Namibia and rests just at the top of South Africa in the Northwest province.

With high temperatures and low, sparse rainfall, the Kalahari is a dry and desolate place, inhabited only by the clever and the wise who have adapted to the harsh climate, and too, by travellers in search of a different kind of vacation in Africa.

Dry and deserted, most of the Kalahari is comprised of vast expanses of rust-coloured sand. Scatterings of scrubland break the monotony of the landscape, while other forms of wilderness, including grasslands and savannah, interrupt the red-hot aesthetic.

Due to its largely uninhabited nature, the Kalahari is less frequented than other areas in Africa. As a result, the destination makes for a very special, ultra-exclusive vacation, one that really is off the beaten track and something to write home about.

Along with incredible views, thrilling excursions and fascinating game viewing opportunities, the Kalahari promises its travellers a truly one-of-a-kind vacation experience.

CURRENCY Botswana Pula, Namibian Dollar, South African Rand

LANGUAGES English, Afrikaans, Khoekhoe, Sandawe, Naro, iKung


  • Summer (Dec – Feb): Max 40°C (104°F), Min 15.9°C (60.62°F)
  • Winter (Jun – Aug): Max 25° (77°F), Min -7°C (19.4°F)

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Things to Do in the Kalahari

When traveling to Kalahari, don’t miss out on these amazing activities:

  • Enjoy some of the best, uninterrupted night sky views in the world while stargazing.
  • Embark on fascinating nature walks and walking safaris through the incredible landscape.
  • Explore the Kalahari through a number of incredible game drives both during sunrise and sunset.

Accommodation in the Kalahari

While the Kalahari stretches across three countries, at present, accommodation options are only offered in the South African region. Here, travellers can enjoy game drives both in the early morning and late at night, incredible walking safaris, plenty of health, wellness and mindfulness activities to feel close to source, soul and nature, and much much more.

Romantic dinner at sunset overlooking the bush at Tswalu Kalahari The Motse

Tswalu Kalahari

With fascinating landscapes and phenomenal game viewing opportunities, guests staying at Tswalu Kalahari game reserve leave with a deep sense of respect for the myriad of life forms that reside in this different kind of paradise.

Travel to the Kalahari

This beautiful land is a different kind of paradise. With wonderful landscapes and great game viewing opportunities, a trip to the Kalahari promises a phenomenal time for all travellers. At present, vacation options to the Kalahari are only offered in the South African section.

We recommended pairing a trip to this exquisite part of Africa with both a stay in Cape Town and an exploration of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. To bring planning your dream vacation in Africa to life, contact a member of our team to discuss your travel bucket list.

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