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Gain a deeper understanding of the customs, traditions and tribal structures of the Zulu tribes during a thrilling full day excursion to Shakaland. Roughly an hour and a half’s drive away from Durban in Nkwaleni Valley, also known as the Kingdom of the great King Shaka Zulu, Shakaland is the largest Zulu kraal (a traditional African village of huts) in Zululand. On offer are displays of traditional music, arts, crafts and more to guests from all around the world. As well as an array of exciting activities, enjoy a lunch filled with an assortment of traditional African food at the Shisa Nyama Restaurant and Bar.

Tour Highlights

  • Shakaland

Detailed Itinerary


After arriving at Shakaland, enjoy a selection of light refreshments followed by a guided orientation of the kraal. The day is spent experiencing an assortment of thrilling displays and interactive activities, including watching traditional Zulu dances, tasting traditionally brewed Zulu beer, witnessing the building of a Zulu hut and viewing displays of various arts, crafts, fashion and weaponry. A delicious traditional African lunch at the Shisa Nyama Restaurant and Bar is on offer, and enjoy a trip to the tribe’s traditional healer, the iSangoma.

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