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South Africa is a melting pot, where cultures, histories and creation tales all collide and connect to form new stories and songs. Through art, music, fashion, design, literature, dance and theatre, creators come together to express themselves in many enthralling mediums, telling new tales and honoring the stories of old.

View prolific artwork at a number of South Africa’s galleries

Beaming with creativity and craft, the energy of Africa comes to life through the imaginations of its artists. The work of both esteemed and up-and-coming artists are showcased in a number of galleries, exhibitions and spaces.

Interior of the Art Gallery at Ellerman House

Tour South Africa’s Best museums, monuments and points of interest

Honouring the past and documenting the present, creators and curators offer expression and shed insight into the many stories of South Africa, recalled and remembered at various museums, monuments and points of interest.

Exterior of the The Silo Hotel and Zeitz MOCAA

Experience the incredible, diverse cultures of Africa

Home to a diverse group of people, South Africa boasts a rich heritage deeply rooted in tribal traditions and cross-cultural customs. Through art, dance, music and cuisine, travellers can discover the many worlds of Africa.

Entertainer at Gold Restaurant in full costume

Best Art and Culture Tours

Colossal national museums, contemporary art galleries, permanent exhibitions, installations in public spaces, tale-telling monuments, spray paint sprawled on street walls, a poem found in a bookshop, a song heard in the street. There are many ways to learn Africa’s stories, these tours are just a few.

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