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One of the most popular travel destinations in Africa, there’s no place on Earth quite like Namibia. Boasting absolutely striking landscapes, rife with a variety of African wildlife and a multitude of flora and fauna, Namibia is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be had.

Truly one of the most striking places in the world, Namibia is a land of contrasts. From blood-red desert plains and rolling dunes that disappear into the horizon, to stark, desolate salt pans and animal-packed national parks, Namibia is a country of ecological polarities that looks as if it is straight out of a science fiction film.

As most of the country is desert, with plenty of places inaccessible to man, a visit to Namibia feels truly remote, extremely private and very, very special. Despite the remote regions, there are exquisite accommodation options on offer, even though they tend to be a bit on the rustic side.

Depending on the choice of location in Namibia, travellers can enjoy visiting Etosha National Park, famed for its ginormous salt pan the size of Holland, or watching the sun rise over the glowing red dunes of Sossusvlei. Activities are in abundance, seeing desert safari game drives, walking safaris and sundowners in the dunes cater for the bulk of travellers, while adrenaline junkies can rip and roar across the dunes in quad bikes.

CURRENCY Namibian Dollar, South African Rand

LANGUAGES English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, German, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, Khoekhoe, Kwangali, Herero, Tswana, Kuhane, Kavango, Gciriku, Fwe, Kuhane, Mbukushu, Yeyi, Khoisan Naro, ǃXóõ, Kung-Ekoka, Kxoe


  • Summer (Dec – Feb): Max 40°C (104°F), Min 25°C (77°F)
  • Winter (Jun – Aug): Max 28°C (82°F), Min 7°C (45°F)

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Oryx walking across dunes in Namibia
Sundowners overlooking the desert in Namibia
Close up of lion
Close up of chameleon
Antelope skull found during desert game drive in Namibia

Things to Do in Namibia

When traveling to Namibia, don’t miss out on these fantastic activities:

  • Quad bike across the rolling dunes of the Namib Desert.
  • Climb atop the Sossusvlei sand dunes that glow red in the early morning sun.
  • View a plethora of animals at the wildlife-packed waterholes in Etosha National Park.
  • Spend time with the people of the Himba village in the riverside destination of Kaokoveld.
  • Enjoy the unparalleled experience of stargazing under the African night sky.

Accommodation in Namibia

As almost 80% of the country is desert and the accommodation options are remote, Namibia feels like a stay in a private paradise. As accommodation in Namibia generally tends to be more rustic, a trip to this desert heaven would suit travellers looking for more simplistic setups without all the bells and whistles.

Couple looking at bush from main deck at Little Ongava Lodge

Little Ongava Lodge

Situated in the private Ongava Game Reserve, Little Ongava Lodge is a remote gateway that beats the crowds frequenting the extremely popular Etosha National Park.
Antelope skull on sand dune in Namibia during safari game drive

Serra Cafema Camp

Contrasting a desert wasteland with lush riverine utopia, Serra Cafema Camp, one of the most remote camps in Southern Africa, boasts one of the best locations in all of Namibia.
Main deck overlooking the desert at Little Kulala Lodge

Little Kulala Lodge

A five-star paradise in Sossusvlei, Little Kulala Lodge astounds its guests with its incredible location, fascinating landscapes and thrilling selection of guest excursions and activities.

Travel to Namibia

From the arid landscapes of the Namib and Kalahari deserts, and the lush scenes of the Kavango and Caprivi’s woodlands and forests, and the coastal seascapes created by the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia’s widely contrasting geography makes it one of the most fascinating places in Africa.

Explore this incredible desert landscape, it’s wildlife and cultures through an amazing vacation through Southern Africa. Contact our team to custom create a bespoke vacation.

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