Serra Cafema Camp

Kaokoland, Namibia

About Serra Cafema Camp

One of the most remote camps in southern Africa, Serra Cafema Camp astounds its guests with its exceptional riverside location in the extreme north-west region of Namibia in Kaokoland.

Along with a jaw-dropping landscape, one that contrasts the lush and fertile flow of the Kunene River with horizons of dune-filled desert wastelands, Serra Cafema Camp becomes a luxury oasis of exquisite design.

Eight tented suites, one of which is a family unit, each boast a build of wood, thatch and canvas. Built to blend smoothly into the natural surroundings, each tent opens up to a spacious elevated viewing deck which offers expansive views of the Kunene River. As well as beautiful suites, the main area, or ‘The Ozonganda’, also boasts an elegant African safari aesthetic.

Guests are spoilt for choice in activities and excursions. As well as plenty of options from which to explore the incredible surrounds, such as nature drives, nature walks, quad bike excursions and much more, guests can also just enjoy relaxing at this luxury Namibian resort while admiring the fascinating setting.

Why We Love Serra Cafema Camp

  • As one of the most remote camps in southern Africa, Serra Cafema Camp really gives its guests the feeling of absolute exclusivity and privacy.
  • Almost out of this world or from a science fiction tale, the terrain surrounding Serra Cafema Camp, of harsh, arid desert land contrasted with a bountiful river, is truly mind-boggling.
  • Of the eight suites, one is a honeymoon suite, and it boasts extra special views of the river’s rapid system. This, plus the collection of incredible activities, make Serra Cafema Camp a firm choice for couples.

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Activities at Serra Cafema Camp

  Nature drives

  Nature walks

  Quad biking

  Boat trips

  Himba community visit

Our Favorite Memories from Serra Cafema Camp

  Looking at the landscape from atop the inselberg.

  Visiting the Himba village and learning about their customs.

  Finding a Cape Fox during an early morning nature drive.

Couple enjoying sunset drinks in the desert in Namibia
Antelope skull on sand dune in Namibia during safari game drive
Main deck overlooking Kunene River at Serra Cafema Camp
Woman from Himba Community looking at the night stars
Main deck overlooking Kunene River at Serra Cafema Camp

Enjoy your stay at Serra Cafema Camp

Activities at Serra Cafema Camp are aplenty. From guided explorations of the Namib Desert to day trips to Marienfluss Valley, travellers can enjoy guided walks in Hartmann’s Valley. Here guests can see the smaller wonders of the desert, such as the famous fairy circles and the elusive desert chameleon.

Two women from the Himba Community in Namibia

Himba Community

A truly memorable experience, guests can enjoy an excursion to visit the Himba Community, one of the last remaining semi-nomadic communities on the planet, to learn about their customs, traditions and lifestyle.
Boat rides along the Kunene River in Namibia

Kunene River Boat Rides

When water levels permit, guests can journey through the riverside oasis in search of aquatic life forms. Guests can spot crocodile and water birds during a boat ride along the beautiful Kunene River.
Quad biking across the dunes in Namibia

Quad Biking

A favourite activity at Serra Cafema is the quad biking excursion. This carefully planned and expertly guided eco-excursion takes guests along specifically allocated pathways of the dunes.

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